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    Forthcoming titles in 2022/23

    Two Sides of the Straits: An Anthology of Gallipoli Poems in English and Turkish, edited and translated by Richard Hibbett and Berkan Ulu;

    - Screening the fleet, by Jonathan Rayner, on the evolution of the Navy in documentary films;

    - The Phoney War: the translated letters of Madeleine Blaess, edited and translated by Wendy Michallat, a companion volume to the translation of Madeleine's diaries in 320 rue St Jacques;

    A History of Billiken Magazine: Childhood, Children’s Culture and Citizenship in Argentina, 1919-2019 by Lauren Rea, looking at the cultural impact of the long-running Argentinian children's publication;

    Flixton Island, by Nicky Milner, a companion volume to Star Carr focusing on the archaeological findings at Flixton Island;

    - Time Stood Still, an annotated re-edition of Cohen-Portheim's biography, edited by Claudia Sternberg and David Stowe;

    -  Nursing and Midwifery in Pakistan: A critical overview, edited by Parveen Ali;

    An invisible group: Russian-speaking migrant children in UK primary schools, by Elena Bracey;

    - Understanding Mental Causation, by Andrea White;

    - In Search of a Hero: Tragic Irony in Graham Greene’s Fiction, by Yuliya Kazanova, which offers a new look at the oeuvre of Graham Greene.

    Sand from the Urnsa bilingual anthology of the poetry and pose of Paul Celan, translated and edited by Ian Fairley.