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    White Rose University Press is an Open Access academic publisher. You may wish to explore more about WRUP and look at the services we offer before considering submitting a proposal.

    Submit a proposal

    We're happy to discuss general enquiries and advise on proposals before submission.

    If you would like White Rose University Press to formally consider your project, please fill in our project submission form and send it to universitypress@whiterose.ac.uk

    Download submission form

    What happens next?

    Once your proposal has been received it will be reviewed by a member of WRUP staff to ensure that it is within scope, and will then be sent for independent external peer review. It will then be reviewed by our Editorial Board, comprising senior academics from across the partner Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

    If your proposal is approved we will agree a publishing contract with you, and provide you with advice and support to deliver the project. Book manuscripts will go through a final round of expert peer review before a final publication decision is made by the Editorial Board.